Why occasional crying can be very healthy

We may not like to admit it, but almost everyone needs a good game of howls. And whether that is because of sadness or joy, every tear, however small, has a considerable impact on our body.

During crying, we often breathe in briefly. As a result, the heart rate increases during crying on average to two hundred per minute (which is comparable to heavy intensive training). The moment your cry is the worst, your blood pressure has risen by 135 percent. As a result, the oxygen intake in our blood can be greatly reduced. The result: a heavy crying shower is often accompanied by severe headaches and eye problems. Fortunately, crying also has a number of positive effects on our health:

1. Crying relieves pain
Crying causes the analgesic hormone oxytocin to be produced. This hormone contains proteins such as prolactin, corticotropin and leucin, which have a natural, analgesic effect. As a result, crying works as a natural tranquilizer. It ensures that our peace of mind improves and that we have a ‘relieved’ feeling.

2. Crying helps against stress
Crying due to psychological stress or stress has a relaxing effect on the body. By crying, the body can release the tension created by emotional stress. Psychologist Alex Goetz did research into the influence of crying on your body. According to him, crying is very important, especially with emotional stress. “This sadness is often very deep and that is not good for your body.” A cry after stress also ensures that the body can remove toxins: a toxic substance that is accumulated in our body during stressful times. When you contain your tears, the toxins in your body will increase.

3. Tears kill bacteria
Crying is a natural protection mechanism of our body. By crying, for example, you run less risk of eye infections. Tear fluid contains lysozyme, a protein that breaks down the cell walls of bacteria. When you cry because of a strong wind or when you get a fluff in your eye, your body is therefore fighting bacteria .

4. Tears help us to see
Tear fluid is good for your eyes. It moisturizes your eyeballs and eyelids and the moisture prevents the mucous membranes from drying out. You cannot see without tears.

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