Why are you in a rush?

There are several categories of people who ‘are in a rush’ in life. Where do you belong?

Are you being rushed as a TEENAGER to go into a relationship? Before they rush you, wait. Check your life: do you know why you are here and what you are to do here? Don’t just tell me you are here to worship and serve God, in what capacity are you to do that?

There is a general purpose we are all created for and there is a specific purpose of God for your life. Discover the specific one. Don’t just assume or think you know it. As a teenager, relationship is a total distraction to the fulfilment of God’s purpose for your life. Don’t be rushed!

Relationship is not what you think it is. You will only destroy your life and destiny if all you went into a relationship to pursue is sex, kissing, hugging and those immoral practises. Don’t be rushed. Wait to build maturity. Take time to grow. Your needs would change as you grow older.

Many teenagers became victims early in life because the society, peer pressure and self-pressure rushed them into a relationship. You won’t die if you are not in a relationship now, it only shows you have an understanding of what to pursue in life. Those who live for pleasure die while they live but those who live for a godly purpose live a life that brings glory to God.

Is anyone asking you when you will get MARRIED? Have you seen her? When is your wedding day? Are you now in a relationship leading to marriage? Who is the lucky man? Are all these cooking up pressure in you? Don’t allow them to rush you.

If you rush into marriage, you’ll be shocked to discover that emotions would fade in it and can never keep it. To marry is a choice which you must carefully, patiently and prayerfully make. Don’t be rushed so that you won’t marry a stranger or the wrong person.

The best people can do for you is to ask you when you will marry. They can even be so generous to fund your wedding or buy the aso-ebis. In fact, they can come around on your wedding day to eat and take away. But the truth of the matter is: you will be responsible for how you run your marriage and who you made the choice to marry. Pressure will come, it is normal. But it is abnormal to marry based on pressure and not based on the right timing.

Don’t be intimidated by the wedding dates or marriage of your friends. It is better to be happy single while making the wise choice on whom to marry than to be married but miserable. Of a truth, no one plans to marry late, but it is a function of many factors. Get it right once and for all so that you won’t become a philosopher due to your bad marriage.

Are you the type that you’re becoming intimidated with the wealth and success of others? Is this rushing you to make money by all means? See, the love of money is the root of all evil. We brought nothing into this world and it is certain that you will take nothing, not even your wrist-watch will you take out of it.

Be yourself. Be godly and contented.

We all have our different time zones in life. The fact that your friends whom you graduate at the same time made it before you do not mean you will never make it in life. Are you asking me when? Relax. Time and chance happens to everything in life. If you make money before the time that is apportioned to you in life, you will not live long to enjoy it.

Life is not a 400m dash, it is a marathon race. Don’t rush. God doesn’t celebrate anyone that made it first in life, He applauds you only if you follow the right Way.

Anyone that’s rushing you is only set out to mount pressure on you and destroy. Know God’s plan and purpose for your life and discover it at every point in time and at the right time, all things will fall in place.

If anyone dey rush you, no rush yourself o!

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