Watching football increases the risk of a heart attack

Palpitations, sweaty hands, tense legs … Many can talk about it after the exciting football matches of their favourite team. But how healthy is this tension for our heart?

“ For millions of people – the vast majority of men – watching football is a serious matter. So serious that there is an increased risk of getting a heart attack, “says Janneke, a Dutch cardiologist. A 69-year-old Brazilian died of heart attack in 2014 during a nerve-racking match between Brazil and Mexico.

Three times as much chance of a heart attack

“Various studies have also shown that a nerve-racking football match does have an adverse effect on the heart . For example, as a result of the World Cup in 2006, the health data of four thousand viewers during the championship were compared with those of ‘normal’ periods. One of the conclusions was that men were three times as likely to have a heart attack on the days their favorite team played. For people who already have coronary artery constrictions, the chance is even four times greater. Most emergencies occurred within two hours of the start of a competition. ”

Healthy tension

To prevent heart problems, it is advisable to read the tips below before you sit down for such a thrilling game of football. Especially if you already suffer from your heart, according to Wittekoek:

– If you are a heart patient, have your health tested well in advance. And don’t forget your medication.

– Moderate with alcohol and fat food. Football matches often go with beer and bitterballen. Eating fat and alcohol is not very conducive to the heart.

– Ensure adequate sleep.

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