Relationship: Questions That Reveals Great Truths

Relationships are said to be healthy when the people involved understand each other up to a certain level.

Understanding another person will require having a good knowledge of the person’s actions and reactions to things and situations. And knowing the history that may be attached to these acts.

One of the things that causes issues in relationships is Communication, and Questions form a good part of Communication.

Here is a Dozen questions that you can ask your partner, which has the potential to strengthen mutual bond and reveal interesting truths that may not be revealed without such questions.

1. If you didn’t watch TV for a month What activity would you replace with it?

2. Tell me the moment you first realized you were in love with me.

3. If I am to buy a gift for you next month what would you like?

4. Tell me about a time you were sick as a child. What feelings can you recall.

5. Did you have a nickname? Who gave it to you and why?

6. How many auto accidents have you had?

7. How important are your parents’ feeling in your relationship/marriage?

8. What Spiritual book have you read that you would want me to read next month?

9. What hobby would you pursue if you had all the time in the world?

10. What do you think would be the ideal pet? Do you think we should have any?

11. If you were homeless without food or money, how would you survive?

12. How many Children make the “ideal” family?

Excited about trying these out right? Go Shine!

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