List of Scholarships for International Student in the USA

There are many Scholarship opportunities for International Students to apply for studies in the United States (USA). These scholarships are provided by different organizations. Notably, the scholarships are provided by the USA Government, Universities, organizations or individuals. The following are some of the scholarship available for international students.

1. Humphrey Fellowship Program
This is a scholarship for international students from designate countries around the world to study in USA. This scholarship provides a year of professional enrichment in the United States for experienced professionals. Students are selected based on their potential for leadership and their commitment to public service in either the public or private sector. The fellowships are full grants covering all related expenses.

2. Foreign Fulbright Scholarships
The Foreign Fulbright Student Scholarships are available for international students to study in the United States. Almost all countries are including in these scholarship. The scholarship is funded the USA government and international students are invited to apply for this scholarship every year.

3. USA Scholarships for International students
The other scholarships for international students are offered by various universities and colleges in the United States. You can search the web on each of the following Scholarships to get more information on how to apply for these scholarships.

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