Let’s Go The Ant Way

When it comes to having a work ethic, I always go to the ant, consider its ways and try to be wise and I observe these two things about them:

The ant ‘has no commander, no overseer or ruler’, nobody has to get it out of bed in the morning or coax it to get moving. Nobody supervises its work or enforce quality standards on it. Nobody needs to micromanage its time on the job or make sure it starts punctuality. It’s self-motivated and driven by its own high standards, not by rules, regulations or the fear of being fired.

The ant is no haphazard, disorganized drifter wandering around aimlessly, looking for something to do. He knows exactly what he’s there for and where and how to do it. He’s a goal-directed, focused, determined and unstoppable. You can’t keep a good ant down!

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