If your young child ever “walked in” on you and your spouse, how did you/would you handle it?

Middle of the night I woke my husband and one thing led to another. It had been years since we had a knock at our door as our kids were out of that stage.

We were in the midst of a particularly vocal session involving the 69 position. I mean this was that once a season crazy sex night. We had very dim lighting and were in it 100%.

Suddenly something caught my eye and I turned my head to see our 7 year old daughter just standing quietly at the foot of the bed with a blank expression on her face. It was a face that said “I’ve been here a while, don’t mind me…”

Needless to say we both disengaged immediately and I gently held her hand and led her back to her room.

I came back to bed and we both wondered how long she had been there. We had both been saying particularly nasty things and I had my fingers in places… all which was happening in her direction… oh it still kills me to remember.

We went to sleep with a plan to talk with her in the morning.

The next morning we approached her and she said she didn’t remember waking or anything that happened. We questioned nicely and told her she could talk to us and she just seemed completely oblivious. We let it go thinking we had the best luck ever, maybe she was sleep walking.

Two years later however we start hearing from the other children how she many times vividly accounted the evening and all she witnessed. It was the other kids who brought the horrifying questions as they were getting the info second hand and weren’t sure “how it all worked”. The stuff they heard dad and I were doing didn’t match the birds and the bees talks we had been giving them.

The daughter that watched us denied it all the way into adulthood when in a single conversation she admitted she thought about it all the time growing up and while it did mess her up a little she says she now knows kink is acceptable in marriage. She just thinks we should have locked the door.

What can I say? Mistakes happen. I’m not proud of it and can say I’ve regretted it ever since that day.

Source | quora

Author | Rosy Mills

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