By Godson Obot


It behove on us as Social animals to come to terms with the fact that we are all entitled to our opinion as enshrined in the Constitution, Freedom of Information Bill FIB also strengthen by the fact that as human our IMEI are different, we respectively see, perceive decode informations and happenings around us at varying degrees or frequency.

It’s on good record that ever since the news for the procurement of three Aircrafts, their arrival to the State, establishment of Ibom Air by His Excellency Mr Udom Emmanuel led administration and commissioning of same, such was an object of ridicule, attacked by the APC goons till date against the state of it genuineness.

Such therefore gave rise to an analytical content recently by the concerned Author centred on State APC Chairman boarding Ibom Air where he went further to speak on the stand point of APC attack dogs, some top individuals who take politics far than it should be by blatantly avoiding to board Ibom Air when earlier commissioned because such was put in place by the PDP led Govt. But forgetting such was extablished with the common resources of Akwa Abasibom people.

He went further to state while commisioning same Mr. Mose Ekpo, the Deputy Governor stated that Ibom Air belongs to us all, should be patronised by all irrespective of the Party affiliation which Mr. Okopido, the State Party Chairman of APC has come to terms with such fact irrespective of Party platform by graciously Patronising same and such step was acknowledged by the author with no abusive intention but some people tend to misunderstand or missinterprete such content due to their perceptive strength thereby resort to throwing tantrums at both the author and those who actually gave kodus to Mr. Okopido through the said piece on his leadership acumen and neutrality in this critical matter appertaining State and not Party development.

Finally Ibom Air has come to stay, is meant for all, both natives and none natives of Akwa Ibom State so let’s all embrace it, let’s not be “ifod ata idem” based on the fact that “ima ikod ufok ataha, mboho Asin ikang” let’s all appreciate same to sustain the vision for posterity without bias nor prejudice.

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