What your sleeping position says about you

When you’re asleep, you become subconscious. At that moment you are completely yourself. We can therefore deduce a lot from our sleeping behavior. Such as the attitude in which we like to sleep.

Below you will find the most common sleeping positions and what they can tell about you.

The tree trunk

Do you like to sleep on your side, with your legs straight down and your arms beside your side? Then that means that you are positive, relaxed and always see the best in others. You are very social, but your relaxed attitude can also mean that you do not have your own opinion and are easy to manipulate.

The Soldier

If you sleep on your back with your arms straight down, you look just like a soldier who is ready. This sleeping position means that you probably have a strong personality, but that you keep it still. You are reserved and serious and sometimes you expect something too much from yourself.

The starfish

Someone who sleeps like a starfish often lies on his back with arms and legs spread. It is also possible that you keep your arms above you and put them under your pillow. This open sleeping position indicates that you are a good listener, always ready for friends and family. Others would describe you as confident and sociable. You do not like being the center of attention.

The baby

Also known as the ‘fetal position’. People who sleep in this position lie curled up on their side, with one or two of their legs pulled up. It is the most popular way to sleep: 41% of people sleep like this. This sleeping position means that you take a strong position on the outside, but are more sensitive on the inside than you show. You quickly worry about things and first look at the cat from the tree with new people. Once you open up, you are a loving person.

The diver

In this position you lie on your stomach with your head turned to one side. Your arms are next to your head or under your pillow. If you like sleeping so much, it can mean that you are an open and self-confident person, who can sometimes seem a little blunt or insensitive.

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