Before He breaks Your Heart

One of the most painful experiences many have had in their relationship with the opposite sex is the issue of heart break. Heart break isn’t a good thing to experience, in fact, a prison break is far better than a heart break.

Before you paint men to be bad, I will show you the things you must avoid in this article so that you won’t come up with the chorus that, “Men are wicked” or “All men are the same”. How many men did you date before you come up with this research result?

Before you began to seek for counseling after an heart break, these are the things you MUST not do as a lady if you’re in a relationship with a man.

Until you’re married to him, you’re still a single person.

1. Don’t give him your body
It’s quite easy for a lady to “feel alright” when a man walks out of the relationship when nothing is involved than when bodily investment has been made, she suffers alot.

If you give a man the right thing you should give him in marriage outside marriage, chances are high that he’ll move out of your life to where the grass is greener.

Giving a man your body is not a demonstration of love but a sign of stupidity. It’s easy for a man to walk away when he has had a taste of your body more than once. Why would he want to stay except he’s an Oliver Twist?

Don’t be carried away by his promise of “I will marry you”. Marriage isn’t entered into by promise but through purposeful intent.

If you’re much to be desired by him, he’ll invest in your life rather than milk you dry.

2. Don’t be the only one to invest in the relationship
It takes two two tango and where a person’s treasure is, there will his heart be also.

If you’re the only one doing the calling, texting, greeting, chatting without him reciprocating it, you’re on a long thing.

One person cannot make a relationship work just as it takes the client and the contractor to build a house.

But if you’re the only one working so hard to make the relationship work, his heart is elsewhere and not with you. You’re not cheap. Have a rethink!

And in the process of evaluating your stand in the relationship…
3. Look before you leap
A wise man dips one leg into the river to know the depth but a foolish one jumps into it. Do you know the implication of this? Don’t put all your eggs in the basket of that relationship.

Honestly, some men aren’t worth it. Not all men knows the worth of a good woman, regardless of the right one. Prayerfully, patiently and wisely consider if he’s the right one meant for you. Don’t allow the euphoria of being in a relationship blind you.

Before he breaks your heart, give him a red card. If you truly know your worth as a woman, you’ll discover that not all men would appreciate your worth. This isn’t pride but self-realization borne out of purpose discovery.

Don’t treat yourself as a commodity. Don’t make yourself cheap. This isn’t about forming hard-to-get but seeing yourself the way God sees you.

Are you presently in a relationship and you’re already giving him your body to prove your love to him?

Do you think working so hard to keep the relationship is will make him committed to you? Look before you leap into that relationship. It’s better to avoid stories that touches the heart than to find a cure after an heart break.

How were you able to escape or overcome an heartbreak? Share in the comment section below for others to find courage.

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