Every Face You See is Facing Somthing


Last week, I was at a bank to use A.T.M. Two men were there. Out of the two of them, one was sneezing and coughing at the same time. I pitied him and I was saying ‘ bless you sir, take care sir’ and all those sympathizing words. I observed that the other man that was with us was not even saying anything. I was like, hope this man will be a caring fellow like this? How can someone be sneezing and coughing like this beside you with water almost coming at of his eyes and you can’t even utter a word to show your human feeling!

The man that was sneezing looked at me and looked at the man and he said, ‘this man is so uncaring. He can’t even show sympathy….’ I told him not to bother.

Few minutes later, this second man who did not say anything, came to meet the one sneezing and was asking him something by using sign language. It was then we both realized that the man is both deaf and dumb. So even if you are sneezing from morning till night, he is not hearing it.

As he was trying to ask us something by using hand to describe, we could not understand what he was asking. We could not give him accurate answer and I can see anger or sense of feeling bad written all over him and I know he might be seeing us as ‘wicked ‘ people for not been able to provide answer to his problem just as we were seeing him when he could not sympathize with the other man.

You know what I learnt from that incident that day?, it further confirmed that saying you see as the title of this post ‘Every face you see is facing something’ Don’t be too quick to think people don’t want to help you, people don’t want to give you what you request for, people don’t want to visit you, people don’t want to check on you, etc. If you know what people are passing through, you might eventually pity them and conclude that, your situation is better than theirs. Can you compare coughing and sneezing with deafness and dumbness?

Take it easy on people. Don’t be too quick to judge people. Remember, every face you see, no matter how beautiful , handsome, glowing, or radiant the face might look, that face is facing something. Be kind. Be good and Be nice to everyone around you. As you are facing your own, people are facing their own. Don’t expect too much from people. Always remember, every face you see is facing something!

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