Don’t build your relationship on sex and money

The type of so-called relationships among guys and girls these days is so horrible that one will wonder if this is not a prostitution in disguise.

When a lady dates a guy, the lady gives him sex while the guy gives her money or buy material things for her. It has now become the duty of a boyfriend to be giving money to his girl and it has become the duty of girlfriend to satisfy her man’s sex urge. Tell me is there any difference between this and prostitution?

A prostitute collects money from her customer and then sleeps with the customer. A guy gives money to his girlfriend and then sleeps with her. Therefore what the youths of today practice is not relationship and dating. It is prostitution. A prostitute is not only a lady who sleeps with men in brothels.

Let us change our mentality. But
Dear ladies;

1. You should not let a man know that you are madly in love with him. Do not let him know that you cannot do without him, or else he will take you for granted, cheat on you and do anything he likes freely. He will say, “I can do anything; After all, she loves me very much. She will not quit me even if cheat on her.

2. Never you cry over an ordinary boyfriend who is not your husband. Boyfriend is not your legally accepted man. So why should you cry because he broke your heart? He doesn’t worth it.

3. As a woman, give yourself respect. You must let your man know that you can survive without his money. Don’t be requesting for money for cream,
recharge card and cloth from him all the time. Even if you must ask him for money, let it be once in a while.

He will respect and value you. Have a source of income. Even if you are a student, request for more money from your parents and not from your boyfriend. If you don’t request for money, he will not request for sex.

Some men believe nothing goes for nothing. They don’t spend without expecting receiving that’s your body and when they’re tire of that your body, he will dump you because he believe have paid for that satisfaction.

STOP PROVING that YOU are ONLY good for SEX and DATING.


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