Day Of Birth? Is it Worth Celebrating

Our culture instills in us that a birthday is a day that we celebrate ourselves for being on the planet, for existing. People close to us are supposed to give us cards, flowers, presents and parties.

How many people keep their birthdays a secret because they don’t want to take the risk of people not responding with love and celebration? This is why so many are sad around the holidays. Our culture states that it’s a time of joy and peace. If it doesn’t look like joy and peace we feel cheated and sad.

You don’t have to accept this load that society places on us. Any given day that we are alive and well is cause for celebration. If you need to be honored on your birthday then let the folks around you know. You are allowed to ask for and receive attention on your birthday. Ask your boss for the day off. Tell your loved ones you need a party. If you have no loved ones then you can brag to strangers that it’s your birthday. You will be surprised at the attention you receive this way.

We all need to care enough about ourselves to ask others to celebrate our lives and to celebrate the lives of others, birthday or not.

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