Charcoal can treat ulcer, extract poison and lower cholesterol

Charcoal is one of the most disregarded products at home, it is suitable to treat ulcer, get rid of cholesterol, extraction of poison and other diseases affecting humans.

If you really need first aid, charcoal is something you need to have on you all the time.

You might not know this, but it is one of the most medicinal products you can have at home due to its poison extraction ability.

It is something that everyone should give serious attention to at home for its numerous health and economics benefits.

Stomach ulcers(HSTV)

Charcoal could be used to remove toxins from food, used for fertilisers on plants and vegetables.

To make unwholesome and poisonous people well, with charcoal you do not need to worry.

All you need to do is leave vegetables in charcoal solution overnight and it will take care of the toxins.

If you suspect any food contains too much chemicals, just drop charcoal solution into it for some hours and you are good to go.

Charcoal is very good at getting rid of bad smell. Ever wondered why your parents always scooped out the ash from the coal pot to pour in the hen coop? It is to get rid of the odour.

Ulcer patient could be treated by making it a habit to always chew some charcoal and drinking charcoal solution to eliminate cholesterol stored in the body.

The solution of the charcoal does magic in preventing body odour, keep food fresh, whitening of teeth, restoring bad soup, neutralising alcohol and healing wound.

Others are skin cleanser, stain remover, water filtration, detoxifying, getting rid of a bloated stomach, among others.

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