When His Excellency Arc. Òbòñg Victor Attah decided to build an International Airport in Akwa Ibom State, folks without foresight criticized and called him all sorts of names. Some postulated that an Airport in Akwa Ibom State, made no sense because of its proximity to Calabar Airport, while several uncivilized experts even saw it as project duplication and wasted resources.


The manifestation of Obong Attah’s idea is a completed and functional world class International Airport in Akwa Ibom State today with one of the best navigational equipments to facilitate easy day and night landing of flights and thanks to the immediate past Governor of the state Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, who drove the project to a take off stage.


Today, those who criticized former Governor Victor Attah and his vision, are quietly patronising the same Airport without an iota of shame or guilt for always looking at and thinking of impossibilities when it comes to “their own” “Akwa Ibom Syndrome”. No one, and I mean no one, is complaining anymore because we’ve all seen with our naked eyes that the airport project made a world of sense and has been a grand success.


Just like His Exc. Arc. Obong Victor Attah, the vision of His Exc. Mr. Udom Emmanuel to give Akwa Ibom State an indigenous, state owned airline (First in Nigeria) and even in a country where there’s no known National Carrier, met with stiff, malicious criticisms, innuendos of porposturous and epidemic proportions.


Most of our brothers and sisters including some disgruntled opposition party members went as far as calling for EFCC to investigate the planned airline project, but thanks to the man who believes in #OnlyGod, and refused to be distracted in his quest to bring about a successful implementation of the first state-owned airline in Africa, “Ibom Air”, stayed focused to achieve success in the end.


Today, Ibom Air is coasting the deep blue skies of Nigeria with an International prospect within the near future. Ibom Air, by all measures, has met all International Standards in Air Worthiness, Luxury and Aircraft Cleanliness, In-Flight Hospitality, Timeliness of Flight Departures and Arrivals, Passengers Comfort and Leg-Room Relaxation etc.


All Akwa Ibomites as well as our brothers and sisters across party lines are jubilating and overwhelmed with that feeling of pride and glamour again, in a country where a National Carrier is yet to be considered a necessity.


Our friends and neighbours across Nigeria standing in awe of the swift and smooth arrival of Ibom Air, continue to clap and sing the praises of His Exc. Udom Emmanuel as a brilliant and a performing Governor in Nigeria today.


His Exc. The Governor has done well and we’ve all acknowledged it, but we as a people with a state named after God, must learn to love one another as well as our leaders. If Governor Udom Emmanuel had played into the gallery of his critics and detractors, we would not have Ibom Air flying today.


#OnlyGod, appoints leaders and He stands by them so while leaders lead, others must follow since no one person can be a leader and a follower at the same time. Most of us have at one time or the other read from the great book of life (The Holy Bible) that, there’s time and season for everything. A time to build and a time to have an airport, a time to plan/procure equipments and a time to have an airline.


Today and to the Glory of God, Ibom Air is flying, therefore it is our collective, moral and ethical responsibility that we join hands with our dear Governor in building Akwa Ibom State of our dream, which we can be very proud of hence, leaving a lasting and a prosperous legacy for our children.


Long live Ibom Air !

Long live our dear Governor !!

Long live Akwa Ibom State !!!

Long live The Feder al Republic of Nigeria !!!!

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