10 Easy Ways Lose Weight

Trying to get more fit can appear to be stressful, But these tips can help you win the battle

10 Easy Ways Lose Weight

Do you Ever needed to look less fatty to show off your well-fitted body for a beach vacation. We’ve got alot tips for you to make you look thinner, slimmer, leaner and better instantly

1. Run

Running helps you reduce stress, burn calories and suppress appetite hormones. If you are used to walking then add a little bit of jogging in intervals. Jogging/running helps you burn more calories & tone up faster than walking in the same amount of time! But it doesn’t end here. Research confirms that exercises like running outcome in “after burn” which means that one continues to burn more calories for as long as two hours after you have stopped running.

2. Drink Water

Start your day with a glass or two of plain water. Research has proven that drinking water first thing in the morning helps jump start your metabolism and helps remove toxins from your body. Also, if you want a drink then make it water as water is a drink and has no calories. Drinking plain water also helps in controlling hunger and prevents you from eating unnecessary calories. Switch to water or green tea and feel the difference within a day

3. Study Food
Lose WeightBy this we mean, learn about what you eat. Take time to know the calorie intake you get from your foods and drinks. This will keep you in line with your ultimate goal.

4. Walk After Your Meals

If you are not cut out for running or exercising then we might have something simpler for you. Try taking a ten-minute walk after your every meal. This can help you burn a few calories quickly and aid in digestion.

Did you know: that 5-minute walk taken shortly after each meal can improve daily blood sugar levels to a greater extent than a single 45-minute walk in the morning.Researchers say that a post-meal stroll helps clear glucose from the bloodstream in part because more of it is taken up by the muscles. Next time post your meal skip the couch and go for a short walk.

5. Eat More Fiber

High-fiber foods are good for your health and weight loss. Fiber-rich foods might help boost weight loss by helping you to feel fuller after you eat. But most of us eat only about half as much fiber as we should. High-fiber foods generally require more chewing time, which gives your body time to register when you’re no longer hungry, so you’re less likely to overeat. And high-fiber diets also tend to be less “energy dense”, which means they have fewer calories for the same volume of food. So the best way to add more fiber to your diet is by starting your day with a fiber-packed breakfast in the form of oats, whole wheat flakes & muesli. You can also include fruit with every meal, and start your meal with a bowl of fresh, seasonal salad.

6. Eat less Salt

Go easy on the salty snacks, like namkeen, chips, high sodium pickles, pretzels and processed foods that are high in sodium. Extra salt is added as a preservative in such foods. Salt contains sodium and high sodium foods cause water retention in the body, which can make you look bloated. Besides, salt is so addictive that you can’t be satisfied with one chip. You will certainly crave to eat the whole packet. The sad news is that a packet of small potato chips is almost 500 calories! These many calories will take at least 45 minutes of running to burn off. We have a simpler solution: just skip this packet to avoid the extra calories and lose weight

7. Eat at Home

In urban Indian with new restaurants opening every day a person is eating out an average of 4 meals a week outside his/her home. For some really busy professionals, this number is as high as an average of one meal a day. Although restaurants are offering more nutritious food options these days, the choices are often limited. Most foods that are served in restaurants contain high amounts of fat and calories, and they can be detrimental to your health if they are consumed on a regular basis. Besides its different to completely control what goes into preparing your food in a restaurant. If you eat at home, you have more control over how the food is prepared. Eating at home is one of the best ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Try limiting your food outings per week and feel the difference.

8. Do Push-ups/Squats

By far one of the most effective exercises to burn calories. If you don’t have enough time, patience or equipment, just get on the floor with simple push-ups and squats. Push-ups and squats require only 15 minutes of your time and the results will make it look like you have been spending some serious time sweating in the gym. Both are fantastic exercises to burn fat, tone arms and legs in no time.

9. Get Enough Hour To Sleep

Lose WeightWith your work and social responsibilities, you find yourself unable to juggle all of them at the same time get enough sleep. It stresses you out, it messes up your metabolism, your body suffers, you get stressed out even more. Take a break from those things first, settle your mind, and complete the mission of having enough sleep. Just a few days doing this will do you wonders.

Studies have found that people who lack sleep tend to consume snacks that are high on carbohydrates and fats. They also tend to skip exercising because of being too tired from not getting enough sleep.

10. Always Have A Fruit With You

Lose WeightAlthough at the moment of sudden hunger you may think that snacks have little to no effect on your diet, they actually contribute a lot to your weight gain. Not to mention that they’re really expensive. Instead of buying snacks from the airport, cafeteria, or a gas station, make sure that you always have a fruit with you.

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